SELFIE Curricula for Download

Dear interested readers,

Today we just wanted to kindly remind you that the different SELFIE curricula are already available for download. Here, we want to provide you with the corresponding links (German):
Curriculum on the Introductory Level
Curriculum on the Intermediate Level
Curriculum on the Advanced Level

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions related to the curricula.

Kind regards,
your SELFIE partners

Piloting the SELFIE Curricula

Dear interested readers,

It was one of our strong believes, that career orientations needs to be considered as a subject in school rather than a service. This also means, that there is the need for curricula on different levels but additional materials that help teachers, counsellors, etc. to implement the curricula and to deliver career orientation measures.

The partners worked hard with the creation of such materials, and to find out about the quality of these materials, the partners piloted them in school.
In Germany, we piloted a lessons of the Intermediate Curriculum in the 8th class of a grammer school in Dortmund, North-Rhine Westphalia.
We designed the lesson as an interactive discussion in which we covered questions regarding the relevance of career orientation in general, we talked about the pupil’s experiences with career orientation measures, and we also had a working phase in which the pupils had to work in pairs. We got an exercise sheet handed out, and they had to answer a few questions concerning the career ambitions of Mark, the protagonisit of the story shown on the sheet. They transferred the questions to their own live and discussed several topics regarding career orientation, setting aims, the risks and benefits of social media in this context, etc.

We received very good feedback from both the teacherees but the learners as well. The content was estimated to be highly relevant, and the pupils liked the interactive discussion format.
We are looking forward on future implementation phases, and hope that the project progresses well in the next few moths as the cend comes closer.

Kind regards,
your SELFIE team

Successful Teacher Induction-Seminar

Hello, our dear followers!

As you might know, the SELFIE partners worked hard on the creation of a so-callsed Teacher Induction-Programme. This programme is to understand as a 2,5h course that comprises eight video-based learning sessions in five different modules.
However, the aim of this video-based online programme is to make teachers, social workers, career counsellors, and other educational professionals concerned with career orientation activities familiar with the SELFIE project, a modern understanding of career orientation, and the educational potentials of new media particularly in the context of career orientation.
All partners had to host Teacher Induction-Seminars in which they presented these contents to the invited educational professionals. In Germany, this event took place in the middle of June, and the participants were absolutely positive about the project. They stressed the usefulness of the project and the developed materials. Moreover, they emphasized on the urgency of sound materials for career orientation measures.

Summarized, the event has thereby been a great success for the project partners!

We´ll keep you informed about the project’s progress!
-Your project partners

SELFIE Discussion is increasing

The SELFIE discussion is increasing. The topic is becoming more important concerning the intensive discussions on education in Europe. Therefore, several interested enterprises contacted the project partners to discuss on active career planning – a big success for SELFIE.

The eLearning platform

At the moment we are all working on the feedback concerning the e-learning platform. The platform is an important aspect of the projects. We all test it to make sure that the usability can be asured and that all important data and information are included.

Good feedback in the SELFIE Modules with the general module card structure and the levels

To provide teachers with a first orientation all SELFIE modules come with a general module card:

General module Card SELFIE

This card contains information concerning the name of the curricular module, the estimated teaching time, a module description, a description of competences related to the module, a description of typical situations in which these competences are needed, an overwiew about the content and methodological hints. Moreover, SELFIE modules are available on an introductory level, an intermediate level and an advanced level.

In discussions with teachers and education providers this structure was seen a really helpful. They think this structure is not only a theoretical description but a useful tool for daily work.

Third meeting in Germany, Paderborn

Dear SELFIE followers,

today we wanted to inform you, that the third partner meeting is scheduled on the 23rd and 24th September 2015 and will be hosted by the University of Paderborn, Germany.

The focus of this meeting will be to revise the work undertaken in regard to the development of the different curriculum modules and the assessment framework as well. Furthermore, the development of the in-service teacher induction training will be completed.

Due to the fact, that this meeting will be held at the half of the project duration we will also create a schedule of the implementation phase and the dissemination plan. This includes, that it will be planned of how teachers will be contacted and made familier with the new course-ware.

We are looking forward to this meeting and keep you up-to-date.

Warm regards,